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The Body Shop, Red Panda Power! by Mr President
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For Aisha, New Baby Food Range for Growing Taste Adventurers by Davison Williams
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San Pellegrino, The Frizzante Collection by FutureBrand
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The Electoral Commission , Got 5? by The Gate London
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Princess Yachts, Return to V Class by BSUR (be as you are)
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popchips, 'enjoy more' by 18 Feet & Rising
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Sadler's Wells, SW20 by Red&White Design Limited
Start searching, Epic Action Man by Mother London
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“Creativebrief’s BITE INSPIRE session was a brilliant way to look at some of the key trends that shaped 2016. Also hugely valuable to observe and learn from the behaviour of brands in other markets outside our own. We all left feeling enlightened and inspired to consider how our brands might capitalise in the year ahead”.

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director, AG Barr

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BMW X Night
BMW’s new X2 is for today’s cool rebels. So the launch called for a bold experiential…
26.04.2018 17:45:04
Yellow Tail
cut to the [taste]
Yellow Tail's first national TV campaign, poking fun at an over serious wine category.
Alpha Century
25.04.2018 16:28:41
Dsquared 2
A blend of rich imagery, engaging storytelling and a smooth and smart mobile-centric…
25.04.2018 15:01:08
The English Provender…
How do we avoid a pickle and create a brand to relish?
By rejuvenating the packaging design and brand identity we helped EPC to regain…
1HQ Brand Agency
25.04.2018 11:06:54
Day in. Day out.
First ever EMEA produced campaign for one-for-one shoe brand, TOMS.
25.04.2018 09:58:54
Brewin Dolphin
Look ahead
A new brand campaign for Brewin Dolphin.
The Gate London
24.04.2018 16:53:24
Do One Thing For Yourself
UK’s leading online healthcare and nursing recruiter asks nurses to put themselves…
Leagas Delaney London
24.04.2018 14:39:05
Website relaunch & direct mail campaign
Promoting the world's best medical professionals based in and around Harley Street.
Howell Penny
24.04.2018 13:06:11
New Balance Football
New Balance Football Liverpool FC 18-19 Home Kit Launch
#ThisMeansMore showcases the feelings that all Liverpool fans across the world share…
24.04.2018 12:48:21
Beauty Kitchen
An inspiring new client
We're thrilled to be working with Beauty Kitchen to promote their range of natural…
Crab Creative Ltd
24.04.2018 11:48:24
Weekly content emails for Sky customers
Inspiring 5 million Sky customers each week
24.04.2018 11:26:42
Hiscox Insurance
Social brand refresh
Translating Hiscox's values into a catchy, social first tone of voice
That Lot
23.04.2018 19:32:05
Sky Bet
The first of a suite of image and audio visual assets in a campaign entitled #MidweekMoments
That Lot
23.04.2018 19:31:56
Ticket driving creative
Using a variety of stand out techniques to build excitement for Bestival
That Lot
23.04.2018 19:31:45
McLaren Senna
Challenge the Impossible
Global positioning for McLaren’s newest hyper car and a film celebrating the man…
20.04.2018 14:31:21
Atlantic Pale Ale
Turning the ocean into a recording artist to help fund its protection. Search 'Keynvor'…
Havas UK
19.04.2018 14:30:35
There’s cheddar, then there’s SERIOUSLY
Relaunch of SeriouslyStrong as SERIOUSLY with richsquisite, mellowonderous & smoothsational…
19.04.2018 12:45:25
Taking OnePlus’ open innovation culture to a whole new level with an ad made with…
19.04.2018 11:54:24
The Body Shop
Red Panda Power!
Supporting Red Panda Network to protect red pandas in the Himalayas with every Charcoal…
Mr President
19.04.2018 11:49:22
We tried to break stigmas and highlight just how common erectile problems really…
Y&R London
19.04.2018 11:13:09
The Boulevard
Building a brand destination
Rebranding and repositioning Northern Ireland's leading shopping and leisure outlet.
BWP Group
18.04.2018 21:47:41
Internet Matters
Protecting your children online
What issues could be affecting your children online?
18.04.2018 16:38:28
Caffe Nero
The Cortado Campaign
A sleek, bite-size piece of content to launch a new drink to Caffe Nero's customers…
Crab Creative Ltd
18.04.2018 16:07:23
Lavandière de Provence
Stories of Provence. Style of Paris.
Our first work with Lavandière de Provence tells a unique and elegant story of Provence…
18.04.2018 12:51:57
The Famous Grouse
THE everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes GROUSE
Global activation platform celebrating everyday achievements - reasons to enjoy…
18.04.2018 12:40:45
Strongbow Epic Entrances & Strongbow Yard
Helping Strongbow own the festival experience in epic style all summer long!
18.04.2018 11:54:00
The gastrophysics plate collection
Science and design collide to create NEFF's flavour-boosting plate collection by…
18.04.2018 10:13:51
Harlequins FC
Membership 2018-19
Missouri's engaging, integrated campaign to attract new Quins members and retain…
Missouri Creative
17.04.2018 17:04:37
Marine Conservation…
Stop the Plastic Tide
Plastic is killing marine life in unimaginable ways. Would you care more if it was…
17.04.2018 15:45:20
InterContinental Hotels…
How can we make IHG’s new Slovenian hotel the place to be?
Creating a new visual identity and introducing premium cues to communicate the hotel's…
1HQ Brand Agency
17.04.2018 14:16:37
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