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Kelly’s of Cornwall has been a quiet but loved household name for over 100 years. But with its client base ageing, they needed to create some noise and appeal to a younger market.

Kelly’s has something its big spending rivals don’t. Provenance. It’s about as Cornish as you can get. So Cornish in fact, that we wrote the world’s first ever advert in fluent Cornish, where the only English words were the bits you really needed to hear.

We kicked off with a national TV advert to 60 million people in a language that only 500 people can speak. And we launched just as the government cut its funding to the Cornish language.




As a world-first the campaign made instant headlines. It was picked up by every national newspaper with a combined readership of over 35 million.

• 1.2 million new households tried Kelly's for the first time (a 59%YOY increase)

• Sales to key target up by 97%

• Brand consideration rose 15% in just 6 weeks

• Share grew from 14% to 16%


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