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RT @TheDrum: Brands are getting behind diversity and climate change, but according to research people want more attention on data security
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We are looking for an exceptional Digital Campaign Specialist to join our talented Professional Services Team. Click here for more details >
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In the last few years the rise of online shopping has forced bricks and mortar stores to become more innovative. A few retailers have focused on #experiential #retail, here are five brilliant examples:
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Want to know what successful retailers of the future will look like? Look no further – we predict what we think will take retail by storm in the coming years >
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What does the modern day shopper look like? Discover this and much more – download our eBook NOW:
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"In the age of AI and big data, the real danger isn’t that computers are smarter than us. It’s that we think they are". Great Insights @FastCompany
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RT @realmower: @alistairhood @Indicia @omniprod @nathaliemcgloin @stanley_ef It’s amazing what passionate and inspiring people can create.
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RT @elbea75: A film I'm very proud of. An woman that is an inspiration. Thank you to a great team. @nathaliemcgloin
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RT @alistairhood: So check out this film I made with @omniprod about the brilliant @nathaliemcgloin and her sponsor @stanley_ef . Great as
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Ever heard of the beauty of imperfections? Explore how a little more chaos could actually give your #marketing the edge.
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We are looking for an exceptional Digital Campaign Specialist to join our talented Professional Services Team. Click here for more details >
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What can we learn from #Amazon? Find out here:
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RT @stanley_ef "@nathaliemcgloin, a STANLEY sponsored partner, is dedicated to making motorsports for everyone. Watch her inspirational story to see how she is turning this ambition into reality. #STANLEY #NathalieMcGloin"
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Never heard of #Phygital? The bringing together of the physical and digital worlds is exciting stuff. Read our take on it: #Technology
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Can #retail be saved? Learn more about #retail performance by downloading our FREE eBook now >
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A new tool may be able to tell us exactly what's in our food @mindbodygreen
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RT @omniprod: A film we produced with @Indicia for @stanley_ef about @nathaliemcgloin - so proud to have been part of this amazing producti
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Check out our short film showcasing the features and benefits of @konicaminolta's new technology for retailers – called Go Insight. We made this movie!
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Is bricks-and-mortar #retail dead? The answer is no. But retailers must adapt to industry trends and take retail in new, customer-centric directions. Find out more here:
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Discover 5 brain hacks to catch your customers' attention #VAS:
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Do you understand what drives #retail performance? Interested? Download our latest white paper on ‘Understanding Retail Performance’
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Can we have both efficient self-driving cars and walkable, livable communities? @FastCompany
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Why should #DigitalDisruption be embraced? Watch this video and find out what our Commercial Director Ryan Shannon has to say on the topic:
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We have a new Business Analyst position at Indicia up for grabs. Click here for more details >
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Today, customers are seeking a combination of entertainment and retail when they shop. Check out these five brilliant examples of #experiential #retail:
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We reveal how you can measure in-store #marketing effectiveness for your brand – check out our blog >
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Discover how to thrive in this ever-changing #retail landscape. download our free whitepaper now
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How USA Today, ESPN and The New York Times are targeting ads to mood. @Digiday
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Red blood, poignant poetry and unshaved legs. How honesty is changing #advertising >
News : Jul 24th 2017 by Zoe Stephenson
We are very proud to say that we have been nominated for 4 awards in 3 categories for our recent work with & Nissan GB.

Dacia - Dacia Way I Like It
Dacia Way I Like It
CRM/Customer engagement, Digital, Integrated marketing
‘Dacia Way I Like It’ campaign boosts brand awareness to celebrate 5 years and 120,000 customers
Feb 12th 2018 15:08:26

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