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Tweet : Today about 1 hour ago
Hi I'm Simon and I'm in the Tweet Seat with my fellow content writers this week. Anyway, just seen this. A very cool idea...
Tweet : Oct 19th 2018 14:14
See what @RonakMokhtassi thinks about the future of travel in her vox pop for @TheDrum!
Tweet : Oct 19th 2018 12:52
.Great @Campaignmag piece Dan @danielmarksldn on this years inaugural Planning Academy. fantastic day, intimidatingly talented participants and amazingly timely! @RAPP_UK look forward to next years already! #talent #Diversity #planning #strategy #Marketing
Tweet : Oct 19th 2018 09:40
Build a career @RAPP_UK. #Development #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Advertising #jobsearch #careerdevelopment #personaldevelopment
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 17:50
No20 on @Econsultancy's #TOP 100 Digital! slightly miffed not to be higher but impressive achievement & testament to our awesome people and clients! Celebrate Hard.
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 09:25
.@Omnicom University class of 2018! UK RAPPsters prizes for quickest to spot our @RAPP_UK alumni! #careerdevelopment #SelfImprovement #education
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 08:31
.@shesaysuk #podcast has been livening up this wks commute. Worth a look/listen for candid chat around women in #creative, gender equality, diversity & more; #DiversityandInclusion #womenmakingthedifference
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 08:09
.@RAPPNY's main man & snazziest dresser Justin Thomas-Copeland on the future of #marketing #specialization. Enjoy.
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 11:57
A few @RAPP_UK boys #modelling this seasons Ops and #Creative uniforms. #fashion #fail. #ootd #fashionista #currentlywearing #lookoftheday
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 11:19
#WednesdayWisdom from @RAPP_UK's unsung payroll hero Karen; -World's oldest pay stub proves people of Ancient Mesopotamia were paid in beer (not unlike modern #Advertising) -@niueisland in the Pacific have #MickeyMouse on their coins -#Denmark has a Cow Fart tax.
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 16:28
.@CDMLDN & @Omnicom's @iamphilbartlett discussing workplace #equality & his experience @OmniwomenUK with @roxanne_hobbs. #HeANDShe #GenderPayGap
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 07:51
RT @RAPP: Congrats to @RAPP_UK's Fierce Individual of the Week, Tristan Povey! Thanks for all you do to make RAPP great! #TristanIsFierce h
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 07:50
.@wossy taking the initiative towards #genderequity.
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 17:06
Who else has a tummy ache?! #GreatRAPPbakeoff @Shelter
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 16:15
@Shelter @ChrisFreeland13 Haha - and that was just the tip of the ice...d bun!
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 15:57
#ToughAtTheTop. @ChrisFreeland13 & Chief Creative Officer Al Mackie heroically 'rising' to challenge of judging @RAPP_UK's 2018 #bakeoff to (self)raise funds for our #charity partner @Shelter. I'll pop the kettle on.
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 13:24
Sound advice from @SophieVCornish - for women and men alike! #MotivationMonday
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 09:24
Talent in the Tweetseat this wk! Promise the feed won't be entirely dominated by #job shout-outs, but as we're an epic place to work we'll shamelessly kick the week off pronouncing; WE'RE HIRING!!! #jobsearch #Advertising #MarketingDigital
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 15:03
How important are digital influencers? Scrolling down Instagram leaves you inundated with #spon, #ad posts - this interesting article discusses whether brands should focus more on this less prescriptive approach @TheDrum
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 14:36
Thought people were over-exaggerating about #StormCallum, but upon stepping out at lunch time I experienced the drama. Sorry for doubting you Callum
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 11:51
So, while everyone sharing their #FridayFeeling tweets this morning, we've just had an "It's #AggroFriday" from Stu across this bank of desks. We shall update you at the end of the day
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 20:50
Zero regrets about WOO-ing the loudest for our nominations. Our only regret is not wearing water-friendly attire?????????????????????????? @DMA_UK #poolparty or #moneypoolparty
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 19:08
Pool Party @DMA_UK
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 12:03
What's your favourite colour? Do you think it impacts how you react to brands? This interesting article takes a look at how creative agencies use colour in logos
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 23:31
Winner winner chicken team dinner! @virginmedia #DADIawards
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 22:23
RT @dadiawards: Winning The Drum trophy in Interactive Entertainment Website, Game App or Campaign is @rapp_uk #DADIawards
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 21:57
A tableful of dapper RAPPers at the #DADIawards tonight! Fingers crossed...
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 16:42
If you're in the market for new book, I'm loving these suggestions from @BalanceLDN, especially as its #MentalHealthAwarenessDay. If you're looking for a little self-love, a confidence boost or just something to keep you off social media, have a gander!
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 15:20
The warmest of welcomes to our new Head of Strategic Consulting Caroline Parkes. We are so excited to have someone with such passion and experience joining RAPP UK!
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 12:10
It's #WorldMentalHealthDay and we at RAPP UK are so fortunate to work alongside the lovely people at @Sanctus who offer support when we need it. So today, make a real effort take that full lunch break, take a walk, and focus on you for a bit <3

Virgin Media - Virgin TV BAFTA Awards Red Carpet
Virgin Media
(Virgin Media)
Virgin TV BAFTA Awards Red Carpet
Giving fans the best seat in the house with unparalleled red-carpet access.
Aug 7th 2018 14:38:02
PayPal UK - Launching Money Pools
PayPal UK
Launching Money Pools
CRM/Customer engagement
Why two-man tent when you can teepee? We're making the moments together, matter.
Aug 7th 2018 12:23:32
Virgin Media - Corgi-Cam
Virgin Media
(Liberty Global plc)
Media planning & buying, Social
A Corgi with a GoPro strapped to it, steals the show for Netflix & creates a huge buzz on Twitter.
Aug 7th 2018 11:19:27
Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz UK Motoring
(Daimler AG)
Mercedes-Benz UK Motoring
CRM/Customer engagement
Data operations, campaign set up, deployment, strategy, insight, reporting, development & testing.
Jun 2nd 2017 14:41:30
Marketing Manchester, VisitBritain and Virgin Atlantic  - It all starts in Manchester
Marketing Manchester, VisitBritain and Virgin Atlantic
(Marketing Manchester)
It all starts in Manchester
CRM/Customer engagement, Social
Online, OOH & PR stunts. Promoting Manchester to US travellers’ using Virgin Atlantic’s new routes.
May 26th 2017 17:42:16

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