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Tweet : Today about 7 hours ago
We worked with @NBFootball to help them launch their new #Furon boot! Ready to play #Unstoppable? #ZAKworks #NBFootball
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RT @joZAKdavies: We are recruiting for two ROCKSTARS for our creative agency ZAK:- The 1st role is for a sports obsessed BUSINESS DIRECTOR
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The heat is on so this week our Account Exec, Ellie Farrer, put the much needed cool in COOL SH*T. There is a 25ft statue, kittens idiot. What more could you want on a beautiful Friday afternoon? #FridayFeeling
Tweet : Jul 19th 2018 10:22
RT @OnSideYZ: Wow!! How amazing are these boards!? A massive thank you to the incredible team at @ZAK_agency for pulling it out the bag aga
Tweet : Jul 19th 2018 09:34
Check out our work for @NBFootball and their latest Audazo Futsal and Turf boots. It’s @ldn_movements and @dario_oreilly doing what they do best taking it to the next level. #Audazo #RunTheGame #NBFootball
Tweet : Jul 17th 2018 14:06
Hello Moscow! We have reached our final destination on this epic @NBFootball journey. The pressure is on but who will win the big trophy? Can @theobaker_, @charliemorley_ and @jemelonefive beat the best local football talent? One way to find out #MakeItToMoscow #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 14:33
Great to have our work with New Balance Football included in the @creativebrief World Cup for all the right reasons.
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 14:30
RT @creativebrief: New BITE #FOCUS 2018 World Cup. The best & worst brand campaigns from the tournament. Sadly this year, it hasn't come ho
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 12:08
Another Friday, another Cool Sh*t. And what a treasure chest of goodies we have for you as our Head of Brand, Francesca Darlington, gets into what’s caught her eye this week.
Tweet : Jul 12th 2018 16:53
If it's not too soon, check out "The story of the World Cup and why everyone still loves a challenger." written by our Chief Client Officer, Tom.
Tweet : Jul 12th 2018 09:19
RT @joZAKdavies: We have an amazing role that has just become available leading our New Balance Football account, reporting into our Chief
Tweet : Jul 6th 2018 12:03
This week, Cool Sh*t is brought to you by ZAK’s Senior Designer, Lou. Pride and the World Cup are here, so get ready to meme with the rest of us at Neymar and enjoy a colour burst rivalling a Sony Bravia ad.
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 10:59
RT @NBFootball: ???????? The Final is in sight for @theobaker_, @charliemorley_ and @jemelonefive. ???????? Final episode online: 13.07.18. #MakeItT
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2018 12:58
One last stop before we reach the Make It To Moscow final. We went to Kazan, the Russian sports capital, and challenged the local football talent to find the next recruit. Game on! #MakeItToMoscow #NBFootball #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2018 10:51
#HappyMonday! Summer has kicked in with full force. London has been hot. Very hot. Temperatures are rising but thanks to our receptionist, Elysia Giles, a tall glass of COOL SH*T is coming your way to smoothly kick-off the week ahead!
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 17:12
Kazan, we’re coming for you! Show us your best football talent! Full episode coming soon. #MakeItToMoscow #NBFootball #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jun 26th 2018 14:32
The temperature dropped while the lads were in Yekaterinburg, so what better way to warm up than with some tekkers. Check out @charliemorley_ @theobaker_ and their mad skills #MakeItToMoscow #NBFootball #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jun 25th 2018 17:26
The @NBFootball Russian odyssey continues as the team lands in Yekaterinburg. @theobaker_, @charliemorley__ and @jemelonefive have to step up their game and pick the second local player they’ll take to the Moscow final. Are you ready for this?#MakeItToMoscow #NBFootball #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2018 14:03
The Russian football quest continues next stop is Yekaterinburg where @theobaker_, @charliemorley_ and @jemelonefive scout for more local talent. Full episode coming soon! #MakeItToMoscow #NBFootball #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2018 12:49
#Summer has fully emerged, which makes us very happy. What makes us even happier is that today is Friday and we can offer you another serving of COOL SH*T -> #FridayFeeling
Tweet : Jun 21st 2018 14:59
One down, three more to go. Before we move on with the Russian football odyssey, check out all the highlights from the boys @theobaker_, @charliemorley_ and @jemelonefive in Saint Petersburg. #MakeItToMoscow #NBFootball #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 17:36
It’s been almost two months since we revealed the @CelticFC 2018/2019 Home jersey. Now with all eyes on the new season, it’s time for you to see the famous colours in their Away kit. #BoldBhoys #NBFootball #OnlyTheBold #CelticFC #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 16:37
After learning about the ‘Korobka’ game in Saint Petersburg, @theobaker_, @charliemorley_ and @jemelonefive are ready to pick the first player to take to the Moscow final. Who will it be?? #MakeItToMoscow #NBFootball #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jun 16th 2018 09:51
RT @TheDrum: The FA and ITV have tested new #adtech that will enable regional advertisers to virtually augment themselves over existing in-
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 12:38
The real spirit of Russian football is the rough-and-ready game played in courtyard cages known as ‘korobkas’. Watch how @theobaker_ @charliemorley_ @jemelonefive rose to the challenges of the locals and who came out on top #MakeItToMoscow #NBFootball #ZAKworks
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 11:52
From bizarre #fashion videos, #KanyeWest #videogames, to #stockfootage being a weapon in political negotiations. Thanks to our Content Creative, Marusa Ojstersek, there’s a lot to be excited about! #FridayFeeling ->
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 10:24
RT @joZAKdavies: Where are all the grads?? We have a fantastic opportunity for a smart, inquisitive, articulate #grad looking to explore a
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 21:58
At the #Oceans8 European premiere thank you @wbpictures
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 15:57
More on #MakeItToMoscow in @marcommnews which gives a brief introduction to this entertaining docu-series we created with @NBFootball, @goal, @theobaker_, @CharlieMorley_ and @JemelOneFive ->
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 14:58
RT @marcommnews: .@NBFootball stands out with #MakeItToMoscow campaign with @theobaker_ @charliemorley_ @jemelonefive
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New Balance Football
Advertising/Creative, Branded content, Integrated marketing
Lifestyle video ZAK created with New Balance Football for their limited edition ‘Otruska Pack’.
May 17th 2018 13:44:56
New Balance Football
Advertising/Creative, Branded content, Integrated marketing
The #OtruskaPack is here! Amazing effort from @NBFootball and the ZAK team.
May 14th 2018 18:00:55
New Balance Football - CELTIC FC 18-19 HOME KIT Only The Bold
New Balance Football
CELTIC FC 18-19 HOME KIT Only The Bold
#OnlytheBold represents the strength and unity of the Celtic team and the iconic history of the club
May 1st 2018 15:58:13
New Balance Football - New Balance Football Liverpool FC 18-19 Home Kit Launch
New Balance Football
New Balance Football Liverpool FC 18-19 Home Kit Launch
Advertising/Creative, Branded content
#ThisMeansMore showcases the feelings that all Liverpool fans across the world share about the club.
Apr 24th 2018 12:48:21
New Balance Football
Advertising/Creative, Branded content, Integrated marketing
New Balance Football SS18 Limited Edition Conduction Pack
Mar 19th 2018 12:24:38

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