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Aerstone, Aerstone. Single Malt. Two Choices. by Space
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NLWA, Save Our Stuff by Therapy
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Gay Times, THE FLAG WE SHOULDN'T BE PROUD OF by The Gate London
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Perrier Juices, Perrier extends its brand territory to natural beverages with low calories by Dragon Rouge
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adidas, adidas Official Match Ball Launch & Tango League by TRO
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NIVEA , The work so far by Cheil UK
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Budgens, Summer campaign by Fishpie
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3 Monkeys Zeno
3MZ Healthcare Communications: Improving Human Care
Helping healthcare companies create human connections to improve human care.
3 Monkeys | Zeno
21.09.2018 17:00:56
Creating the Future of Care
Relaunching GenesisCare, one of the leading providers of cancer and cardiac services…
Dragon Rouge
21.09.2018 08:17:10
Axe Music
A Martin Garrix and AXE partnership launch for AXE Music.
72andSunny Amsterdam
20.09.2018 17:59:07
New Day
Data capture through value exchange
Using DM to drive customers online to use the mobile app and capture their email…
20.09.2018 15:39:51
Royal Opera House
Feel Something New
The re-launch campaign for the revamped Royal Opera House.
20.09.2018 12:42:28
Just Eat
Nailing coverage for Just Eat
Press activation with Love Island winners to celebrate the nation's love of takeaway
20.09.2018 11:22:35
Where work happens - There's A Channel For That
The launch of Slack - making working and collaborating easy online.
Total Media Group Ltd.
20.09.2018 11:00:06
Gousto Chef-less Restaurant
Guests unbox their cooking potential with Gousto at the UK's first Chef-less restaurant…
3 Monkeys | Zeno
20.09.2018 10:32:37
Fremantle rebrand
A new brand name and identity for global creative powerhouse.
19.09.2018 16:37:13
Häagen-Dazs Germany
House of Haagen-Dazs – 48 hour collection
Making Haagen-Dazs culturally relevant to a younger audience in Germany
19.09.2018 13:16:16
BrewDog targets mainstream rivals in new RateBeer campaign.
19.09.2018 10:53:43
Take Comfort
Using Oilatum Junior skincare to champion parenting diversity during National Eczema…
19.09.2018 10:47:26
Visa Data
Behind every historical date there is data
An animated look at the history of data bringing to life Visa role in data in the…
Bright Blue Day
19.09.2018 10:31:09
What's New at M&S Food in September
Amanda, Paddy, Rochelle and Emma indulge in choosing their favourite new Italian…
Stagestruck Ltd
18.09.2018 17:06:01
Bentley Motors
Rise to the Challenge. Reach Your Peak.
Professional driver Rhys and mountaineer Jake rise to the challenge to reach their…
Keko London
18.09.2018 16:56:42
Birra Moretti
Birra Moretti @ British Summer Time 2018
Inviting 450k BST festival goers to make #timeforwhatmatters with Birra Moretti
18.09.2018 15:03:33
Champion vs. Challenger
Helping Haagen-Dazs become the “favourite” conversation of Wimbledon
18.09.2018 15:03:27
Sanctuary Spa
Working with 100 influencers in 24 hours to create an online face mask movement…
18.09.2018 10:42:33
The Flipflopi Project
The Flipflopi Project
Raising awareness of the dangers of single-use plastics with the world's first 100%…
17.09.2018 21:10:32
Pumping. Unplugged.
‘Pumping. Unlpugged’ celebrates what the new Elvie Pump means for breastfeeding…
Mother London
17.09.2018 17:34:12
Bees Make Strawberries
Introducing Strawbee, our latest content project for M&S at Stagestruck
Stagestruck Ltd
17.09.2018 17:11:20
Tesco Mother's Day 2018
We made sure mums all over the UK felt special on Mother's Day
Splendid Communications
17.09.2018 15:14:15
Wilkinson Sword
Wilkinson Sword Blokini Line
We helped create the Blokini Line Manual - the guide to not ballsing things up 'down…
Splendid Communications
17.09.2018 14:56:56
The AA
The AA Pride Campaign
We helped The AA (and the nation!) celebrate Pride with their first-ever GIPHY channel
Splendid Communications
17.09.2018 14:40:20
Subway® pits rap artists against each other in (w)rap battle to launch new Wrap…
Good Relations
17.09.2018 12:07:58
Vodafone UK
Internet of Things
A showcase in Vodafone's flagship store that introduces shoppers to the Internet…
17.09.2018 10:45:05
Just For Men
Tackle the Grey
Amplifying male grooming brand, Just for Men's, sponsorship of NFL amongst influencers
17.09.2018 10:41:19
Introducing Gallagher - Premiership Rugby Sponsor
Season Launch film to introduce Gallagher and its role in Premiership Rugby, produced…
Havas UK
17.09.2018 09:59:49
CJ Harley Street
Launching a revolutionary new skin care range
Developing website, social and launch collateral for an innovative new product range
17.09.2018 07:38:41
UBS Guide to hosting
A stylish guide to help hosts exude confidence with UBS guests at prestigious events
Bright Blue Day
14.09.2018 15:51:57
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